About Hot Cooking

Hot Cooking came into existence because of a shared love for food and a desire to document the dishes that we create, both for our own reference and in the hope that we could get some ideas back from others. It also serves as a handy resource for the common question of, “What shall we have for dinner tonight?”

The recipes are generally simple as we’re still learning about cookery and food but they do vary in the time they take to prepare. Meals like the Über Vegetarian Lasagne and Homemade Sushi require a good few hours dedicated to them but we feel that they’re worth the effort, especially when they’re enjoyed by meat eaters too.

It’s worth mentioning that we have no issue with using meat replacement products to enhance a dish, although we’re picky about what we use. We tend to avoid Quorn products because we have found that their sausages and mince are bland when compared to the supermarket own-brand versions.

While soy products appear in some of our recipes they are never essential and can easily be replaced with extra vegetables such as mushrooms.

If you have any comments about the site then please don’t hesitate to get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

Tanya & Colin