AKT Deodorant and The Applicator

My experience with AKT's bronze deodorant applicator, which turns their product grey on me. I'm leaving my review here as AKT wouldn't publish it.

This hasn’t turned into a lifestyle blog but I recently bought some AKT deodorant and had a mixed experience. After some back and forth with customer services, where all their emails end in: “How did we do? Leave a review”, I left a review. They didn’t publish it.

AKT makes great deodorants. However, if you order The Applicator and it doesn’t work for you, you’re shit out of luck. This is my 3 star review:

Love the deodorant but The Applicator reacts with my skin

The deodorant is amazing. It's seen me through stressful days/the gym and I still feel fresh afterwards. Someone sprung a hug on me after a sweaty gym session and said I smelled nice. This deodorant (04 Halcyon Summers) was all I had on so I'm impressed.

Not so much with The Applicator. I'm in the minority because only a few reviews have mentioned similar, but it turns the deodorant grey. My freshly showered underarms looked terrifying. It's the same on the back of my hand with any of the deodorants (I bought the Discovery Set).

Customer services said it was "likely but not limited to dirt on The Applicator" (I had cleaned it). They advised washing it in vinegar or ketchup but this does nothing. Understandably I can't return a used product but now I'm stuck with a beautiful but useless chunk of brass.

I bought The Applicator thinking it'd be an enjoyable part of my morning routine. To find that it doesn't work for me is a shame but it happens. Being told it's likely 'dirt' is insulting. I was offered a discount code as a goodwill gesture, which I appreciate, and I'll continue to use the deodorant but I've completely wasted my money on The Applicator.

All in all, a great product but, for me, not a great experience.

I submitted a 5 star review for the deodorant but they didn’t publish that either.

My sister-in-law uses AKT. I told her about how I bought into the Applicator's “AKT OF SELF-CARE” marketing. She laughed and said “Just use your fingers”. Amen.

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