Dishoom's Bacon Naan Roll Kit

As soon as Dishoom made their bacon naan kits available for nationwide delivery I had to order one. The kit costs £16 plus delivery (£5 on a weekday, £7 on a weekend) and contains everything you need to make two bacon naan rolls and a lot of masala chai. For every kit purchased, a meal is donated to Magic Breakfast, a charity that provides free meals to schools.

Once the kit arrives you either need to use the ingredients straightaway or put them in the fridge for up to 24 hours. I chose a Friday delivery and cooked the bacon naans on Saturday.


The ingredients were beautifully packaged and arrived perfectly cool, sandwiched between two ice packs and what looks like a duvet but for food. Most of the packaging was recyclable and I kept hold of the ice packs as they look useful for picnics or for when I visit my mum and she sends me home with a cool bag full of chow mein and smoked salmon ♥

The instructions are clear but watching the how-to video beforehand really helps, particularly with the naan bread. THANK YOU, Dishoom, for cannily providing three naan dough balls (the small tubs of dough are ridiculously cute).

Cooking the first one was daunting and in our haste to get it right we accidentally turned off the heat underneath the frying pan, which was supposed to be as high as it could go, then scorched the poor naan on the bars of the grill (I had no idea it would puff up so high - higher than the naan in the video - it was like a humongous, fluffy pillow). The second and third naans fared better; I ended up holding the frying pan up to the grill bars as the top shelf was too high and the middle one too low. The naans, including the botched one, turned out brilliantly and have completely changed my mind about naan bread being too much effort to make at home.

The bacon. Oh, the bacon. It’s streaky and thicker than the streaky bacon I’m used to and it tastes divine, especially with the chilli jam. I’m sure I read somewhere that the kit includes 8 rashers of bacon but we got 10, much obliged. The masala chai bubbles away as the bacon naan cooks and is a great accompaniment to the breakfast. It’s all completely lovely, from the unboxing to the final assembly, and so much fun to make at home.

Sadly (although not for my wallet) we don’t live near a Dishoom but the bacon naan kit and the marvellous Dishoom cookbook will keep us going until we can visit again.

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