About Hot Cooking

Tanya, Colin and a large pizza

Welcome to our blog, Hot Cooking. We’re in the process of updating our recipes, photography and website so please check back from time to time for new content.

We live in the charming and lovely city of Norwich in the UK with lots of great restaurants right on our doorstep. Colin’s at his happiest when eating a curry and I could easily live off Japanese food for the rest of my life.

Colin does the programming on Hot Cooking and I cook and write. Some of the recipes are ours and there’s a lot of Jamie and Nigella as we own many of their books and love cooking from them. In recent years, new favourites have been discovered such as Anna Jones, Meera Sodha and Samin Nosrat.

None of our posts are sponsored but they occasionally contain affiliate links and we’re updating our content to clearly identify where these links have been used.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to get in touch.


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